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No worries, be yourself. 

The "be yourself" t-shirt was created when I was thinking about my career and what success meant to me. I used to think success was based on your job title or how much money you made. I thought having a "small business" was not a real job because it wasn't making 6 figures. Did I enjoy it? Yes. However, it didn't matter because I kept going back to the "status" of my job and I wasn't a nurse, doctor or a lawyer. Once I started talking to my friends and family about what they thought success meant, they all came to the same conclusion of happiness. Being successful is being the best version of yourself and doing what you love. When I started rewiring my brain to think that way, it made me realize I could just be myself and I would not only be successful but feel successful.

Choosing the saying on the shirt was easy, choosing the right color for the shirt was a bit more challenging. I knew I wanted the shirt to feel bright and cheerful but not neon or an in your face color. I love the color green - all shades of it. The sage color seemed so light and cheerful yet also understated, which was perfect for the vision I had for this shirt. The be yourself t'shirt dropped on April 5th for my 26th birthday! A birthday is the perfect time to reclaim who you are and find the things you love and be the person you want to be. Be proud of yourself and never stop chasing your dreams and defining your OWN success.

"Be yourself. Everybody else is taken." - Oscar Wilde 



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