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Nice to meet you!

Welcome to the “No Worries” website. We are so happy you're here! My name is Rachel and I started this business in 2018 with my big brother Bradley. My main goal at this company is to make an impact and to bring awareness to the many individuals that are a part of the special needs community. We are a lifestyle brand with top quality apparel and an even greater purpose. Whether it’s a shirt, hat, sticker, or even a bandana for your pup, know that every purchase you make is one with a purpose. With your purchase, we are challenging you to help us spread awareness about the special needs community and about the never ending potential that lives within each and every one of its members.

We have moved from Kentucky and are based in Houston, Texas! Feel free to check out any upcoming events on our social media links and tag us in your gear using the hashtag #noworriesky
"Let’s Make A Difference, One Thumbs Up at A Time"
- Rachel Evans, Founder