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Inspiration Behind The Spooky Szn Collection

The "Spooky Szn" Collection was inspired by so many different things! First, not only my absolute love for Halloween, but also my love for Skeletons. I keep different skulls around my house all year long. I know not everyone shares my love for Halloween, but for my guys and ghouls that do - this collection is for YOU! 
Bradley Bones: As halloween was approaching and I was thinking of different t-shirt ideas, I thought what would Bradley look like as a skeleton? Then I came up with "Bradley Bones"! A happy skeleton that's always giving everyone thumbs up! It was the perfect creation to a fun, no worries brand, without being too scary. To top off the Bradley Bones look, I knew I wanted to dip-dye something in this collection to give it a fun and spooky look. In college, I used to dip-dye flannels for my friends and I had so much fun doing it, so sweatshirts seemed to be the perfect idea for fall and this design! After creating a sweatshirt I knew Bradley Bones had to be on a t-shirt as well. You can custom order Bradley Bones on any color t-shirt we have - just add what you want in the notes or comments section of your order :)
Bad To The Bone: Who doesn't love a good burnt orange look for fall? When I saw the "yam" color, I knew it had to be in this collection because it screamed fall! It took me months to find the perfect skeleton head. I didn't want it to have a lot of detail and didn't want it to look scary. Once I narrowed the idea to a big skeleton head, that creation came to life. Adding the "spooky" font to "no worries" made the shirt even better and topped off the halloween look! 
Thumbs Up Skelly: Picking out this shirt color was easy, it's been Bradleys all time favorite color ever since he was little. Purple is so unique and not often used as a t-shirt color, but it should be! For this design, I wanted a bold college font with a skeleton hand. The skeleton hand is actually the same hand as Bradley Bones, so this design was very simple yet turned into one of our best sellers! 
A lot of people shopping the "Spooky Szn" collection are going to wear their t-shirt or sweatshirt during trick-or-treat, to work or any festivals they are attending. You can wear this collection anywhere and I love seeing each of you in it! Make sure to order before Halloween! Happy Haunting & stay wicked! 

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