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The Witching Hour collection is a combination of all things Halloween and that I love about this Spooky Season. Y'all should already know my obsession with Skeletons by now, if not check out last years collection. I wanted to try something different with this collection by creating a design I thought was cool then adding "No Worries" somewhere to it at the end. In every design i've created in the past, they have all been centered around "No Worries, ________" however, during this design process I had a little bit more creative freedom. 
You Coulda' Had A Bad Witch was the first design created for this collection. This design was inspired by one of my favorite shirts I got from a dear friends store (Shop Redeemed Boutique) about 4 years ago. As the spooky season approached, my husband suggested I create a shirt similar but with my personal flare on it. I immediately jumped up and started creating and had it designed by the end of the day! I knew I wanted it to be on a light colored shirt, which is why the design is in true black and orange halloween colors! I have always loved the song Truth Hurts by the sassy queen herself, Lizzo and felt empowered singing it. The design includes a sassy skeleton popping her hip out as if she's telling someone she's the bad witch you could've had. I added the pumpkin head because it seemed a little more unrevealing of what her facial expression would be which makes her a bit more mysterious. To add our "No Worries" style on the shirt, I added a witches cauldron to make sure to get the phrase in there. This will be the shirt I wear the entire Fall season.
Creepin' It Real was the second design for the collection. This was a struggle to come up with a halloween design that could be for men and women that I actually liked. I knew this shirt was going to be in full color since the first design was going to be more on the plain side. Y'all let me just narrate for you how my thoughts worked for this t-shirt... it was so simple and kinda funny. *Me thinking to myself* Who is someone that is "cool". A skateboarder. How do I make it halloween? A skeleton on a skateboard! How do I incorporate "No Worries"? Make him do a thumbs up and add the phrase the bottom of his board. Hmmm seems like it's missing something, he needs a background... *sitting with my checkered blanket over me* Oh! I'll add a checkered background. Then the design was done and only took an hour to create! 
Howdy Ween was the final design in this collection and the one I will wear all year round. Living in Texas, embracing the southern style and my love for halloween just felt right to combine all three! This ghost is a true texan cowgirl with her boots and hat on with a little spooky spice having bats around her. Once the design was complete, the "No Worries" phrase needed to be added to this design so I decided she was going trick or treating and needed a pumpkin candy basket! For this design, I wanted y'all to have some creative freedom and add your own personal style by being able to pick the t-shirt color you wanted, so she is a neutral design and offered in a lot of fun fall colors! 
I hope y'all enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed branching out and trying something new while creating it for YOU. It's funny my creative process for every new collection all year is always the same: self doubt, self sabotage, creative juices flow then falling so in love and passionate with what I created. Don't forget to order yours before Halloween! These shirts can be worn anywhere and everywhere including Costume Parties, School or Work, Trick-or-Treating, Haunted Houses or Haunted Trails, Pumpkin Patches or Fall Festivals, Horror Movie Nights, Community Events, Casual Outings, Themed Parties, etc!
Witching You a Happy Halloween! 


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