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The Neon Collection

The Neon collection was inspired by a glass animals concert and a trip back home to Tennessee :) I am trying to be trendy and keep up with the times SO this t-shirt made complete sense. I love the smiley faces on everything, they just make me so happy!!! Also for someone like me who only wears and buys neutrals, these colors are so out of my comfort zone and I love it! This collection screams "let's get in our feels and be so happy"! In this collection I wanted to have bright neon colors, not only for summer, but for all the time. I love that you can express yourself and your mood through a color. 

Once I designed the smiley face shirt, I was so excited to show my husband and parents. Not a single one of them liked it. Ha! Keep in mind, these are my biggest supporters and I go to each of them with every idea I have. My husband said it looked like the old stickers that Walmart used to hand out, my dad said he might like it if the colors weren't so bright and my mom said it was odd but maybe someone will like it. Of course if i'm set on something, I have always had the mindset of i'm going to do what I want to do no matter what others think or say. I did just that because I loved the shirts and I knew if I did, others would too!

Turns out the smiley face shirt from the neon collection became our best selling t-shirt of all time at No Worries! If I listed to them and didn't create the shirt, I would have wondered what if and we would not be where we are today with the sales we have! Once I created the shirts and they saw how many sales I got, they were all so impressed. Did that change their mind on their view of the shirts? No. Did it have to? No. Just because they didn't like the shirts does not mean they weren't supportive and proud of me the whole time. The biggest lesson to take from that is follow your heart and others will support you because of it. 

The cool thing about my husband and parents are they have never once said don't do something. Of course they would advise me what they think I should do but they have not and will not say no. If I make a decision, they stand behind it and support it every step of the way. Whats cool about other people having different opinions and styles, is there is always something for everyone. Just because you like something, does not mean your best friend will like it too.

Do the thing, go to the place, be you. 



P.s. I love you mom, dad and Clay :)

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