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A little bit about me and my brother: 
I am from London, Kentucky, but spent most of my life growing up in Kingsport Tennessee. After high school graduation, I went back to Kentucky to attend college at the University of Kentucky. GO CATS!!! I received a bachelors degree in human communications with a public speaking focus. After college, I had the amazing opportunity to spend a couple of years traveling the world with my high school sweetheart and now husband, Clay. We were married on a gorgeous horse farm in Kentucky in Fall 2021 and are now the proud parents of a Giant Schnauzer puppy named Tahoe.
 After college, I still wasn’t exactly sure what my career path would be, but the more I thought about it, and the more things I tried, I kept coming back to a huge piece of my heart: my brother Bradley and the special needs community. 
Bradley is a year older than I am, so he has been a part of my life since Day 1. We argue and pick at each other like all siblings do, but at the end of the day, I know that he will always have my back and he knows that I will have his, even though he may not understand exactly what that means. I have been fortunate to have a lifetime of great experiences and adventures, seeing so many parts of the world and getting to meet so many interesting people. One of the phrases that I heard most often while traveling was “no worries.” It seemed to be a saying that united people from all different backgrounds. The more I thought about that phrase, the more I realized why it kept sticking with me; it reminded me of my big brother and of the life he lives every single day. Bradley was born with special needs, which in his case, means he won’t ever be able to live independently like I do. No matter where he is, what he is doing, or who he is with, he has absolutely no worries. The only thing he ever wants to know is “what fun stuff are we going to do today?” He knows how to make everything fun, even the tasks that most of us find completely mundane- sweeping the floor, taking out the garbage, making the bed, cleaning the dishes, you name it, Bradley does it with a smile on his face. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a little more of Bradley’s outlook inside us? As Bradley grew up, our family came to know several more families who had special needs as a part of their lives as well, and the more of these friends I met, the more in awe of them I became - of the obstacles they face every day, but of their continued commitment to live happy and worry free. I knew I had to share their story, and that is where the idea for No Worries was born.
One of my brother’s favorite ways to communicate (even from preschool) is by giving you a “thumbs up,” so I immediately knew that had to be the logo for this brand. Whether it’s a shirt, a hat, a sticker, or even a bandana for your four-legged friends, know that every purchase you make is one with a purpose. We are challenging you through that purchase to help us spread awareness about the special needs community and about the never ending potential that lives within each and every one of its members. I pour every ounce of love and energy into this company and I love y'all so much! 

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